Although this requires a little work and self-control for people new to naturism, it actually isn't that difficult. Learning that natural nudity is not at all sexual is both a part of the process of becoming a naturist and also a direct benefit of the lifestyle. Many people, while being slaves of a textile world, also often feel enslaved by involuntary sexual responses. Being exposed to nudity helps to de-sexualise the mind by retraining ourselves to accept nudity as a normal every-day thing, rather than purely sexual. Some church leaders have even suggested that naturism can actually help people to overcome addictions to pornography and sex.

Many of us have been raised in very conservative ways, and have been taught at all levels, by parents, teachers, church leaders, peers and society as a whole, that anything to do with nudity is “naughty”. From early childhood, we are moulded into conformity – but what if the mould is wrong? What if it does more harm than good? Children enjoy being naked and are naturally curious, but at those young ages we soon learn to repress any such natural curiosity in the face of, primarily, parental disapproval. Most parents will attempt to “protect” their children from nudity because of their own misguided ideas that “nude is naughty”, and by doing so, many parents are to blame for the unnatural curiosity and sexual obsession which develops as the child grows up.

So, where does this “freedom” that naturists speak of actually come from? Honestly, most naturists wouldn't be able to put it into words because they probably don't really know themselves. But it's real. Here are a few thoughts to consider though.

If you had been raised in a prison your entire life, and had absolutely no concept of the freedoms of the outside world, you wouldn't know what you had been missing until you escaped and discovered it for yourself. Being shamelessly and openly naked is very much the same. As with going out into the world for the first time, there will be doubts, fears and apprehension, as well as worries about the safety of your family outside of those walls. Once you get over those, the excitement and exhilaration of freedom would follow.

All naturists agree that the psychological benefits of naturism are immense and can contribute towards a balanced mind in several different ways. There may be some overlap, with certain psychological phenomena possibly being tied to medical ones, but the overall consensus in the worldwide naturist community, is that the lifestyle brings a certain freedom, peace and happiness that cannot be found any other way. Whether this can be solely attributed to emotional and mental changes, or to chemical reactions within the body, the millions of naturists in the world must be onto something.

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