One of the most important rules in naturism is to respect one another at all times. This respect includes avoiding making unwanted sexual advances towards others. Naturists enjoy social nudity, but they also enjoy relaxing in a friendly environment where their nudity won't be seen as anything sexual. By making unwanted sexual advances, you are infringing upon the freedom of those who just wish to relax or enjoy nude recreation without any sexual overtones.


There is a big difference between unwanted sexual advances and getting to know someone better. If you are open to dating and have an honourable interest in another naturist, there is nothing wrong with trying to get to know them better. Naturists are allowed to date and search for love just like anyone else, so genuine romantic interest should not be misconstrued as anything sexual. Spending time talking and getting acquainted is very different to making unwanted sexual advances to a complete stranger, so be sure to know the difference.

Most importantly, based on the spirit of mutual respect, if you make an effort to get to know someone better, particularly for romantic purposes, and they do not reciprocate your interest, have the decency to walk away and accept that the interest is not mutual. If you're able to do that, no harm is done.


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