It's impossible to fully define the social benefits of naturism, but all naturists will tell you that shared nudity generally changes social interactions in a very positive way. When you are naked, you are inherently more vulnerable, and this causes a definite relaxing of social barriers and attitudes. Naturists are quite often more polite, more welcoming and more accepting than other social circles, and this isn't normally by design. It seems to happen all by itself.

Generation after generation, we inherit the flaws of mankind. Humanity's tendency to attach shame to human nakedness is a prime example. Almost all of us, who have not grown up as naturists, can agree that overcoming shame is a big hurdle. We are taught from a young age that anything concerning nudity or one's genitals is somehow “naughty”, “bad” or even “evil”. We adopt the same views as we grow up and grow older, even though we don't really understand why. When we stop to think about it rationally, it becomes obvious quite quickly that this actually makes no sense.

Living in one's natural state is a healthy, comfortable, wholesome and beneficial way of life that should be available to anyone who chooses it.

The core values of naturism are entirely non-sexual and focus on:

  • The inner acceptance of oneself in body, mind and spirit,

  • Being closer to nature by experiencing it in one's most natural state,

  • The medical benefits of nudity for one's body,

Most naturists will carry with them at all times, a towel. This is for the simple reason that when in more public naturist locations where seating is often shared, towels should be used to cover chairs or benches before sitting down.

If you are asked to use a towel for this purpose, don't feel offended.

One of the most important rules in naturism is to respect one another at all times. This respect includes avoiding making unwanted sexual advances towards others. Naturists enjoy social nudity, but they also enjoy relaxing in a friendly environment where their nudity won't be seen as anything sexual. By making unwanted sexual advances, you are infringing upon the freedom of those who just wish to relax or enjoy nude recreation without any sexual overtones.

To understand naturism, it is vitally important to understand that naturists do not associate nudity with sex. The common world view is that nudity leads to sex and that the two are forever intertwined, but the entire naturist philosophy is founded on the fact that this is not true.

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