Most non-naturists are under the misguided impression that naturism is just an excuse to run around naked and, because the world at large has been psychologically conditioned to associate nudity with sex, people assume that sex is somehow the driving motive. This is actually quite the opposite of what naturism really is. Naturism has its roots in the physical, emotional and psychological well-beingĀ  that can be achieved through living a more healthy and natural lifestyle.

Naturism is not just about being naked, but that is certainly a part of it. Since the nudity aspect is the one that is most controversial, this is the one that is most often discussed, and even though there is much more to a naturist lifestyle than just being nude, this is the part that naturists often have to spend the most time explaining and defending.

As you will learn, if you take the time to research properly, naturism can provide astounding benefits to those who are actually willing to consider it and find out more about it. We live in a "modern" world that is so detached from true nature that we no longer even see the detachment. What we perceive as natural is actually completely unnatural. The world has seen increases, over the last few decades in particular, in health problems and mental disorders that can be directly linked to our predominantly indoor lifestyles. We are no longer in touch with our humanity, and naturism seeks to change this. A world-wide culture of sexual obsession runs rampant, and this can also be tied directly to the psychological issues we have ourselves created by associating the naked human body with sexuality, rather than understanding that they are completely separate things. This association forms because we hide nudity and turn it into something "naughty", which is really isn't. Nudity is the most natural state that people can exist in.

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Another of the important motivations for living a naturist lifestyle, is that it helps to prevent and overcome self-esteem problems. It helps us to accept who we really are and teaches us to break free from the global culture of body-shame. Naturism is more in the mind than the body, but by embracing our natural nudity, we are able to truly free the mind. Read the articles on this site and do your own research if you want to find out more about how naturism can help you to overcome the false values of our unnatural worldly obsessions. One thing is certain; If you consider naturism with a truly open mind and take the time to think about it, it will begin to make sense. The next thing that is certain, is that if you try naturism, not only in being nude but also in changing the philosophies of your mind, you will realise that the freedom you find makes you happier, healthier and more content with life.

While it's difficult to find suitable and safe naturist-friendly locations in Zimbabwe, if you truly want to experience what naturism is, you need to get outdoors in the nude. The freedom of your body in being naked directly translates to freedom of the mind and spirit. Find a quiet spot to relax and read a book, or go for a hike in the bush. Er... watch out for thorns. Lounge on the bank of a river, do some fishing from the bank, or enjoy a naked boat ride on a secluded part of a lake. If you reach a point where you're comfortable being nude with other naturists, organise a picnic or play some sports together. Remember that the earliest Olympic games were played entirely in the nude. And most importantly, skinny-dip as often as possible. Naturism provides freedom, and that freedom can be yours too. Like most other things though, naturism is always enjoyed more with like-minded friends who don't judge you - and that's really what naturism is all about.

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