Accept Yourself

By overcoming the guilt and shame that we associate with our bodies, we become free to finally accept who we really are. Naturism teaches that all bodies are beautiful, regardless of race, age, gender, size or shape, and a naturist community will be welcoming of all body types. We not only learn to accept our own bodies, but also to accept the bodies of others without passing judgement. Being able to accept one's own body, regardless of it's flaws, has immense psychological benefits that can, in a very real way, be totally life-changing.

Removing Guilt

Many people have guilt issues over being nude. Some people are even unable to be nude for any length of time when alone, simply because they have inherited feelings of guilt about their naked bodies. Naturism teaches people to accept that there is nothing inherently wrong with being naked, and that they have nothing to feel guilty for. Those who have lived with such guilt their entire lives will find it extremely liberating when they can finally overcome this barrier to inner peace and happiness. The first step is to become comfortable being naked when alone, or perhaps with your partner – dealing with guilt has nothing to do with the social aspect of naturism, which follows later.

First and foremost, it feels comfortable to be naked and to shed the restrictions of clothing. Those who claim to be “uncomfortable” when naked will generally find, upon closer examination, that their discomfort is more likely linked to shame, guilt, lack of confidence and very possibly a closed-minded upbringing. It actually has little to do with being physically naked. Provided that the weather and other circumstances are suitable, most rational people will agree that it simply feels more comfortable to be nude. The very first step towards attaining the freedom that naturism can provide, is to accept this basic fact.

I'm not sure which I find more sad. That so many of us suffer our whole lives because of issues caused by a conservative, closed-minded upbringing, or that most of us take for granted the stupid ideals and flawed philosophies of the archaic generations who brought it all upon us without realising that it needs to be changed. We not only agonise in silence over body shame, particularly genital shame, and the guilt it causes us to feel about nudity and sexuality, but we even fight against the natural truth and try to convince ourselves that society is right and we are wrong.

With Zimbabwean society's moral “standards” being largely based on Christianity, it's important to address the issue of casual nudity from a Christian perspective. Many people who argue against naturism do so by taking a “moral” stand, claiming that nudity is shameful or that it promotes lust and perversion. With a bit of common sense, anyone who is capable of thinking for themselves will soon figure out that this isn't true, and some of the issues on this topic are discussed from a psychological point of view in the article Why I Wish I Was Raised A Nudist. Unfortunately, when it comes to matters of faith, many people refuse to think for themselves and can only see as far as what they “think” the Bible says.

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